Track Alexa Traffic Rank History of Your Site/Blog

Hi Fellas,


Hope you are having a great Friday!


So, we breached the million mark on 30th March and now we are looking at crossing the half million mark!

How did we do it?


While we do not want to brag about our achievements, we would like to share fews tips which might help your sites.


  • First and foremost, we asked our audience(that is you) to install the Alexa toolbar. Our audience being Alexa crazy complied immediately.
    So if you can convince your audience to install the toolbar nothing like it! Most importantly you and your teammates(if any) also need to install the toolbar immediately.
  • Secondly we planted the Alexa widgets on our footer. These widgets are visible across the site.
    It is possibly a plus point to have these widgets as Alexa can track all users irrespective of whether they have or not installed the toolbar.
  • Most importantly we provided new content to our audience daily. You people login to check your rank histories! Thus day by day our page visits are increasing!
    If you can provide engaging and fresh content to your audience frequently you can be a good candidate for a better rank.


Here are our numbers :


Hope these suggestions help you! We would be happy to hear back from you!



Site Rank History.

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