Track Alexa Traffic Rank History of Your Site/Blog

Our site maintains Alexa rank history for sites and blogs. We provide a 30 day free trial. Obviously we maintain our Alexa rank history as well!

Our Milestones:
• For a new site, any lower rank is an achievement! Hence we have included milestones like 10 million and 5 million in the list below. Now when we look back, these milestones look like piece-of-cake!
• We launched our site on 22-Feb-2013. We did not have any rank for the first few days. Isn’t it obvious?
• On 28-Feb-2013 we did see a ray of hope in our first valid Alexa rank. We were ranked a humongous 15,626,404! This has been our worst rank till date!
• Within days we made huge jumps and settled on a number lower than 10,000,000. We achieved a rank of 9,249,810 on 02-Mar-2013.
• Our next milestone came on 15-Mar-2013 when we achieved a rank lower than 5,000,000. The rank was 4,071,439.
• The next big day was when we achieved a rank lower than 1,000,000. Our rank was 888,421 on 30-Mar-2013.
• Within next 7 days we cruised swiftly to a rank below 500,000. Our rank was 488,512 on 07-Apr-2013.
• Our latest milestone of rank below 100,000 took slightly longer. We achieved a rank of 97,317 on 22-May-2013. Coincidently we took exactly 3 months from 22-Feb to achieve the coveted milestone!
• We are not done yet. Miles to go before we sleep!
• The above thriller is boringly depicted @

Alexa Rank 97,317

Our methodology to improve alexa rankings:
• Firstly let us clarify that we did not use any of the jack-your-alexa-rankings method! Yes, you are correct; we paid $0 to improve our alexa rankings.
• Our growth has been purely end-user traffic driven.
• We actively advertised on the web using Google Adwords.
• We worked daily to maintain accurate rankings. We did not miss a single day in the three months!
• Many websites (atleast 4) found our site very useful and used our reports in their articles. These articles generated significant traffic for us. Here are the links of the articles.

• We used blog commenting whenever we found relevant articles. Ex – Check this article –
• We installed the Alexa toolbar on all our machines. Thus we could benefit from our own site visits.
• We asked our end users to install the Alexa toolbar! Many complied as they were themselves benefitted from the toolbar.
• We planted Alexa rank widget on our site’s footer. Some people (rightly) claim that including the widget does not look professional. But believe us; our ranking has seen a surge mainly due to this widget.

Let us hope that these tips help each one of you! BTW, did you submit your site to track Alexa rank? If not, click on this link –



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