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Alexa Rank History Report for Jul-2013 for

Date Alexa Rank Delta
2013-07-31 64,995 NA
2013-07-30 64,995 NA
2013-07-29 64,995 NA
2013-07-28 64,995 +417
2013-07-27 65,412 NA
2013-07-26 65,412 -810
2013-07-25 64,602 NA
2013-07-24 64,602 -777
2013-07-23 63,825 -36
2013-07-22 63,789 +156
2013-07-21 63,945 +147
2013-07-20 64,092 -402
2013-07-19 63,690 +1,114
2013-07-18 64,804 NA
2013-07-17 64,804 +1,351
2013-07-16 66,155 +91
2013-07-15 66,246 -301
2013-07-14 65,945 NA
2013-07-13 65,945 NA
2013-07-12 65,945 NA
2013-07-11 65,945 -582
2013-07-10 65,363 -94
2013-07-09 65,269 -150
2013-07-08 65,119 -206
2013-07-07 64,913 -124
2013-07-06 64,789 -499
2013-07-05 64,290 +577
2013-07-04 64,867 -76
2013-07-03 64,791 +608
2013-07-02 65,399 +229
2013-07-01 65,628 NA
Number of records : [31]
History available for [160] days

How to include/add Alexa widget on your site “professionally”?

There are multiple ways to increase your Alexa rankings. One of them, arguably, is including the Alexa rank widget.

People have differing opinions on whether including the widget helps in improving Alexa traffic rank. Let us assume that including the widget helps in improving your rank.

One point most people agree on is that the widget does look bit clumsy and old fashioned. With its limited color and layout options, it does not gel with modern UI centric sites.

However there is one elegant(and damn simple) way to include Alexa widget on your site and yet hide it! You will be baffled by the simplicity of the method.

The trick is to use CSS properties to hide the Alexa widget. Thus the widget loads when the page loads but it is not visible to the end user!!!

Thus you benefit from any (possible) increase in Alexa rankings and yet retain your professional look!

Here is the simple code to achieve the unthinkable! Simply replace your widget’s code within the <span> tags. We are using this method to include Alexa widget on our site as well –

<span style=”display: none;”>

    <a href=”” target=”_blank”>

        <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’‘></script>



Hope it helps! Let us know your comments and suggetions!

Check your site’s all ranks instantly!

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Alexa rank not updated!

Alexa rank is usually updated on daily basis.

But we have noticed that sometimes the daily updation job falls a little behind. We have raised a ticket with Alexa on this issue. Alexa has acknowledged that it is a problem and they are working on fixing it.

Link to the ticket :

This is the exact reason why you see a horizontal line on your site’s alexa rank history graph sometimes on We will keep publishing such occurrences through this blog.

From 01-Mar-2013 this has happened on the following dates.

Meanwhile we can sit and wait for our latest Alexa ranks!

Happy Tracking!

View Alexa rank history in graphical format now!

We are now using graphs to display any site’s Alexa rank history.

Have a look at the sample report for our site

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Maintain Your Site’s Alexa Rank History

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What is the need to maintain history of site rankings?

Maintaining rank history provides you valuable insights into the progress of your site/blog.

Moreover, Alexa rank history is maintained for sites with ranks lower than 100,000 only. This leaves majority of sites without any rank history. We help all such sites maintain rank history.

Even for the site that has rank lower than 100,000 numerical rank history is not available. launched to track Alexa rank history!

Hi All,

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